It all started with a determined young man with Down Syndrome and the desire to be a Chef.

At age 21 he attended a vocational program at Eastern New Mexico University designed for people with limited abilities. Since Austin had never learned to read, he was not a good candidate for a Chef job, but he quickly learned skills to be an excellent Prep Chef in the University cafeteria. His love of food had him yearning to own his own restaurant. Some 16 years later, Austin is taking his show on the road selling “Underdawg Hot Dogs” in his Traveling Dawgmobile! Understanding the needs of people with limited abilities, Austin knows how important it is to help his fellow man. For this reason, Austin’s Underdawgs has developed a Fundraising source event in addition to operating his for profit business. Austin’s favorite charity is The Each & Everyone Foundation” which is dedicated to improving the lives of people with limited abilities through vocational training and working in society to the maximum extent possible.
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